Industry - our major projects

New production unit for Unilever S.A. Poznań (IX.2005 - VII.2006)


The project involved the construction on site of an existing factory (formerly AMINO) of a new production building, where the production lines were installed for the so called wet soups with a capacity of 25 tons/hour.

The three-storey building is also equipped with a system for unloading and loading ramps.

The total cubic volume was 43,000 cubic meters.

The scope of our works:

  • Building documentation
  • Supervision of development of design documentation
  • Preparation of tender specifications for contractors
  • Technical evaluation of tenders
  • Preparation of sales
  • Construction management (including health and safety/safety, inspectors, designers)

New Production Plant of cereals - grain processing plant for Kellogg's in Kutno (I.2008 - III.2009)


The project involved the construction of a new plant for grain processing within the Special Economic Zone in Kutno with a capacity of 100 tons/day.

The project provided for the production hall divided into the following zones: production, packaging and storage of the finished product.

To the hall building there is an adjacent new office building and the building of a transformer station. In close proximity a boiler house was designed. The factory is equipped with a treatment plant for sewage and fire pumping station .

The total cubic volume was 165,000 cubic meters.


The scope of our works:


  • Supervision of the design process
  • Consulting and adaptation of the requirements to contractors
  • Construction management (including health and safety/safety inspectors)