JPL safety

ABC is our Program, which supports, facilitates and allows us to achieve more and better results in building the safety of work. It also aims to cast a new perspective on ourselves - towards Activity, Safety and Human.

It is a Program designed to promote an active, healthy and safe lifestyle. Additionally it increases the awareness of safety, activity and health, so that our lives and of those around us (colleagues, family, friends) and of the people we live close to become healthier and safer. It is a way of life beyond work. The lifestyle we identify with, we live by, and we want others to live by. It is also the change of the way we think into the one in which we believe that we can shape our lives and consciously, through our actions, we can make them safer. And that we influence our own safety and health (eg. through physical activity and healthy diet) and of those we interact with, our co-workers, colleagues, friends and our families.

ABC is designed to change our attitude from passive to active, to stop being afraid to care, if we see that something is dangerous or unhealthy and brings immediate or potential risk to anyone.

The aim of the Program is to forge friendly relationships among our employees, so that we can also learn from the experience of others and not just our own, working in a company in which everyone will be free to go and ask for help if in need.