The headquarters of the campany is the office in Warsaw, Al. Niepodległości

The major divisions of the company and the Management Board are located here. The headquarters in Warsaw includes Road Department, Consulting Department of the Project Consulting and Environmental Protection Department as well as Consulting Department

Another office is the Design Office in Kraków, located at ul. Kraszewskiego. It is the workplace of more than 50 employees of our company, mainly designers and specialists in the railway infrastructure. The office consists of various disciplines such as electrical, civil structures, bridges, architectural, sanitary utilities and lines, stations and railway nodes.

In addition to these permanent offices The company has several field offices related to the realizations of specific projects. An example is the Office of the Independent Engineer Field, which has existed since 1998 and performs tasks related to the services of the Independent Engineer with the Concession toll motorway A4 Katowice - Krakow




JPL Project Sp. z o. o.
Al. Niepodległości 58, 02-626 Warsaw
Tel.: +48 22 564 06 00; Fax: +48 22 564 06 01


JPL Project Sp. z o. o.
ul. Kraszewskiego 36, 30-110  Cracow
Tel.: +48 12 629 09 00 

Independent A4 highway engineer

Biuro Niezależnego Inżyniera A4
JPL Project Sp. z o.o.
ul. Piaskowa 20, 41-404 Mysłowice
Tel.: +48 32 762 75 82