Our experience covers the work at all stages of the investment process. We combine engineering expertise with the economic, financial and legal knowlegde.

We have developed dozens of successful applications on the basis of which our clients received more than 2 billion Euro funding.

Our experience primarily refers to transport infrastructure. A wide range of projects in the road sector, ranging from simple exits or car parks through G class roads to the  expressways (S) and the motorways (A). Railway lines in all disciplines, together with the accompanying infrastructure, civil engineering structures (bridges and viaducts), or the necessary facilities (station buildings, signal boxes, etc.). For over five years we have used our knowledge to the implementation of the projects in D&B system.

Our experience in the supervision and management of construction covers not only infrastructure projects such as motorways and railways, but also buildings and industrial projects.

We have extensive experience in the planning and implementation of projects in the PPP formula.

In all of our studies, where necessary, we solved environmental issues through adequate preparation of information (KIP), conducting a full environmental procedure and preparing the reports with obtaining Environmental Decision or reassessment and monitoring during and after the completion of the project.