Vision and values

Our mission is "to be a cool company."

For our clients, partners and employees we want to provide sustainable top quality services, safe for people and the environment, but most importantly in a way, where everyone will find something “cool” for themselves. We want everyone who knows us and who has more official contact with us or not, to be able to say, without any hesitation or objections: “JPL Project is a cool company”.

At the same time, regardless of whether the market of our services continues to evaluate, our company will change with it, staying faithful to our mission and not forgetting about

Our vision: “to be recognisable and positively seen part of the market”.

To achieve this and then develop further there are three core values in our company:

  • People and their talents

  • Safety

  • Quality

Talent Development Program is based primarily on the development of human strengths.

Safety in JPL activities related to development of Health and Safety aiming to meet the highest standards of safety of work and raising awareness of the employees.